April - the gourmet proposal

April - The Duke and the Serenissima

This month will see as the protagonist in the kitchens of our restaurant an excellent product grown directly by us in our countryside on the outskirts of Bibione: white asparagus. In the soft and sandy soil of the Bibione countryside, the delicate white asparagus finds the ideal environment to grow and ripen at its best. Combining his refinement with the excellence of our Adriatic Sea, our executive chef Alessandro Castelnuovo created the tasting itinerary "Bibione's asparagus in April". A real journey divided into six courses that will make you rediscover the uniqueness of this vegetable. The menu will be previewed during the exclusive evening of “Il Duca e la Serenissima” on Saturday 2 April. On the occasion of this evening, the kitchens of the Duca d'Aosta restaurant will open their doors to the executive chef Scaggiante Orlando, president of AssoCuochi Serenissima Venezia FIC. Chef Scaggiante Orlando and his assistant chef Musat Ovidiu Gabriel will accompany our executive chef Castelnuovo Alessandro, his assistant chef Vignola Teddy and the rest of the brigade of the Duca d'Aosta restaurant during the evening.