the barman


Raised on the outskirts of Vicenza, thanks to the influence of his uncle, he began to approach the world of cocktails from an early age and soon discovered a world that fascinated him, leading him to embark on a personal exploration of mixology, a real art which borders on alchemy.

His passion and dedication lead him to greet his native lands and work, research and experiment first in the seaside resorts of the upper Adriatic, then in London and Moscow.

He has made as his own the motto of the training ship Amerigo Vespucci “Not who starts, but who perseveres”. His determination and perseverance saw him start his career at the Savoy Beach Hotel in 2008 and take over the management of our bar in 2011.

Nicola doesn’t just serve a product, he puts customers at ease, conveying the passion he concentrates in each and every preparation, meeting their needs and satisfying their desires.

The simple “drink at the bar” becomes an immersive experience in an often underestimated world of aromas, flavors, contrasts and balance, leading to freeing the spirit, rediscovering the pleasure of getting away from it all while at sipping an excellent drink.

Ristorante Duca d'Aosta - Bibione

Ristorante al Duca D’Aosta

Pranzo: Tutti i giorni 12:30 – 14:00
Cena: Tutti i giorni 19:30 – 22:00
Sono gradite le prenotazioni

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